Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Tumultous Journey

On my last six mile hike, where I have a lot of time to think and contemplate, I equated the trail with my journey in the entertainment industry. In order to finish the six mile loop I had to tackle steep inclines, rocky uneven terrains, steep and at times narrow down hills and the rocky "narrows" which sometimes is streaming with water. I had to pay close attention to where I step so that I didn't twist my ankle or fall off the side of the hill when the path narrowed and I had to look out for bikers flying down hill. I also had to listen out for snakes that can unexpectedly cross my path. This is similar to my path in the entertainment industry. The climb uphill trying to reach my goal has been very steep and quite breathless. The path has level out at times but the road has been rocky and narrow (few opportunities) with snakes crossing my path. And, when my career has taken a dive and I start running downhill I have to keep my balance to keep from falling  hard on my face. When I finally reach the bottom and I think I'm at the finish line I come across another rocky wet area where I have to jump stones in order not to get wet. After clever maneuvers  I'm  able to make my way across to dry land and back out in the open, with the road before me. I still have a ways to go to get back to my car, but, I'm tired and a little dehydrated. But, I've got to do this! So, I push forward and my walk turns into a jog then to a sprint. I can't give up! I'm almost there! Never give up! Never!

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